Welcome to Pukka 1 ltd

About us

In our 20 years of operation, we have consistently strived for excellence as well as the highest standards possible in the industry and the sectors in which we operate in. Our friendly and diverse workforce are well rehearsed and professional, in supplying the best work ethic we possibly can to our clients. Being a friendly workforce as well as efficient.

Our humble beginnings as a family generational company remain at the roots of our philosophy, which the whole team carries with them throughout everything they do both on and off the workplace. Shown clearly through the working relationships which over the many years of working together have created strong friendships and care toward one another, allowing the team to always work at maximum efficiency, as well as being able to help our clients while on the job, no matter the size or severity of the issue, as our mindset and philosophy is not just how they treat each other as a team, but also how we treat all who we engage with while working on the many projects we operate on.